Hussain al Nowais Chairman Plans for Waha Capital

Hussain al Nowais is the Chairman of Waha Capital, an investment firm based out of Abu Dhabi. Waha Capital’s main priority is to make investments that will make significant returns on equity. For example, in 2014, Waha Capital made a record-breaking net profit of 1.73 billion AED, which is 466% more than in 2013.
Therefore, many are asking where Waha Capital will make investments in 2015. According to the Abu Dhabi investment firm, it will make significant investments into the energy, healthcare, education and infrastructure. It plans on investing up to Dh4 billion in these industries. To break that down even further, it plans on investing

  • Dh2bn in oil, gas, and energy,
  • Dh1bn in power and infrastructure,
  • Dh500 million for both education and healthcare.

Although this plan does appear aggressive, Waha Capital estimates that it will receive double-digit growth on its equity and assets in 2015. In addition to that, Waha Capital announced that it forecasted significant improvement on the average return on equity and assets in the next three years over the previous three years. Its most recent successful principal investments have been in AerCap and National Petroleum Services.
For more information about how Waha Capital continues to stay on top of the market to make returns on its investments, please review this video below of Hussail al Nowais, Chairman, discussing the investment climate in the UAE.