Hussain al Nowais

Hussain al Nowais is the founder, chairman and CEO of Al Nowais Investments. Headquartered in Abu Dubai, U.A.E., Al Nowais Investments is a family-owned business and leading investment holding company. Founded in the mid-1970s, the company company has over 25 subsidiaries operating in the oil and gas, engineering, infrastructure, project development, communication and hospitality industries. Mr. Al Nowais currently leads Al Nowais Investment’s strategy of global expansion and strategic project development in the following sectors: energy, industry, infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and FMCG.

For over three decades, the company has upheld the Al Nowais family’s key values of integrity, dedication, teamwork and local community support. This has lead the company to become one of the most trusted and leading investment companies in the MENA region.

Building on previous successes is what Hussain al Nowais has done throughout his career. He recognized early on the significance of the training he had received and projects he had the opportunity to work on. He also felt fortunate to have received guidance from family on best practices. These building blocks are representative of Al Nowais family values and help explain the success of the family-owned Al Nowais Investments holding company. This firm, headquartered in Abu Dubai, U.A.E., will continue to target possible projects in energy, healthcare, hospitality and more.

The previously mentioned traits of integrity, dedication, teamwork and local community support remain at the forefront. In fact, these are the principles that guide the investment holding company to this day. The firm, which was founded in the mid 1970s, boasts more than 20 subsidiaries; many of the day-to-day advances are done under Hussain al Nowais’ careful guidance as CEO. He takes such a hands-on approach because the current objectives of global expansion and strategic development are so crucial to future success. Fortunately, the lessons taught to him early on are now a part of everything Hussain al Nowais does in a work setting and as CEO. The trust that clients and business partners put in Al Nowais Investments is representative of the care his entire family has put into their venture.